Custom Architectural Millwork & Cabinetry

At Makatura, we believe that cabinetry and millwork should be given the same attention to detail and have the same customization as every other aspect of your project. That is why we offer our own exclusive line of cabinetry and millwork that we design, manufacture, and install in our own shop, based on your needs and design. 

Custom detail in your kitchen could mean creating a cooking layout set exactly to your comfort and flow; in your bath, custom cabinetry can make the difference between a place to bathe or a retreat for you to escape to; in your family room, a way to graciously display heirlooms among the entertainment equipment.

Each custom piece starts with a concept—be it an owner’s sketch on the back of a napkin or drawings from an architect. From there, our project team works to provide detailed plans, clear specifications, and a proposal in a timely manner. We will also gladly provide shop drawings and full-scale mock-ups for review.

Once manufactured, we understand how critical the step of installation is to the end result. That’s why we take full control and responsibility of all of our installations, from packaging and delivery to the final adjustment of each door and the fit of each component.

At the design phase, we work closely to develop an install plan and sequence that will lead to a successful installation with minimal on-site modifications and trimming; at the project’s end, the result is beautifully assembled custom millwork and cabinetry fit for a lifetime of use.