Consultation Services

Building, remodeling or renovating a home, can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, homeowners often need advice and guidance when undertaking the risk-laden process to construct, remodel or upgrade an existing home. A qualified owner’s representative from Makatura Construction, Inc. functions as a knowledgeable advocate and overseer to insulate you from contractor abuse and to protect your interest and your interest only.

By working with and owner’s representative from Makatura Construction, Inc. you have a building partner to guide the design and development process, making sure that your best interests are at the heart of every decision made. We are versed in both design and construction, pulling from our varied experiences to solve problems and offer creative solutions. The owner’s representative will control the overall coordination effort ensuring that the most important issues receive the proper attention and resolution they deserve.

During the construction phase, the owner’s rep will spend time on-site recognizing and solving conflicts. When complicated issues arise, the owner’s rep will explore all of the options, distill the information, and provide the owner with a concise set of options, clearly defined, along with a recommended course of action.

During project closeout, the owner’s rep will go over the project from top to bottom, checking compliance with construction documents and specifications and ensuring that your project was built the way it was designed. We also spend time on-site during the commissioning of the home, making sure that the building systems are running as efficiently as possible and that all punch-list items are complete.

Makatura Construction, Inc. is pleased to offer our clients the following consultation and owner’s representative services:

      • Assist with site selection and research of site conditions and factors that could affect the cost of the project.
      • Select design professionals and negotiate fees.
      • Interface with your Architect, General Contractor, and Sub-Contractors.
      • Perform procurement, bid solicitation, and purchasing.
      • Ensure appropriate levels of insurance of production team
      • Hold pre-construction meeting w/project team.
      • Make recommendations, navigate through specific issues or problems, and deal with site conditions and logistics.
      • Monitor construction, quality control, scheduling, cost reductions, and aid in value engineering.
      • Be the on-site representation and extension of you.